Ambassadors Program
FNINR Announces Support for March for Science

The Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research (FNINR), an
advocacy organization that supports the National Institute for Nursing
Research (NINR), has passed a Resolution in support of the upcoming March
for Science - taking place across the country on April 22, 2017.

FNINR, a non-partisan, non-profit organization whose mission is to advocate
for and educate the public and Congress about the value of nursing science,
believes that joining the pro-science movement is critical for generating
knowledge needed to promote health, ensure human functioning, fight disease,
and ensure palliative and end-of-life care using scientific evidence.
Accordingly, FNINR acknowledges the value of science.

Dr. Karen Drenkard, current FNINR President states, "We encourage nurses as
members of the scientific community to advocate for recruiting young people
into scientific fields, support science as a means to improve the global
health and well-being, and to recognize that science and environmental
influences have an effect on the health and well-being of all people."

Representing the FNINR Ambassadors, co-chairs Drs. Michael Bleich and Connie
Delaney added, "Our Ambassadors, many of whom are among the nation's top
scientists, represent nursing on the Hill and through regional scientific
associations. Their message is strengthening the appreciation for and value
of nurses who contribute to life-altering interventions through science. It
is only right to lend a nursing voice to the March for Science."

We celebrate, alongside our scientific colleagues and the public-at-large,
the role that science plays in boosting our economic output, enhancing
longevity, and in finding answers to the many perplexing problems in the

FNINR's entire Resolution is attached for your information.